Factual and surveillance investigations – general insurance claims

Worksite has successfully investigated thousands of diverse general insurance claims on behalf of insurers including:

Motor vehicles

  • theft of motor vehicles
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • malicious damage cases
  • theft from motor vehicles
  • cases involving special vehicles (veteran, vintage or classic cars and motorcycles).


  • burglary, break, enter, steal and other theft cases
  • special cases of theft involving jewellery, electronic goods, artwork, antiques, and collectibles
  • fire and serious arson cases, including total loss of home
  • landlords and tenants cases, including those alleging accidental damage or malicious damage
  • unusual cases involving:
    • home based businesses
    • unoccupied holiday homes
    • mobile homes and on-site caravans as permanent residences
    • properties with unauthorised renovations or non-complying building
  • property damage cases involving exceptional circumstances, for instance natural disasters - bushfires, storms, floods and cyclones.

Lifestyle and leisure

  • travel insurance claims, both domestic and international
  • caravans, trailers, and other towed vehicles
  • boats, including all types of leisure boats and watercraft
  • boating accidents (fires) and malicious damage (eg vandalism), both on and off the water.

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