Workers compensation advisory service for employers

As an employer, dealing with workplace injuries can be daunting, and may have serious implications for your wider business and bottom line. Understanding the WorkCover framework and your rights and obligations is crucial to effectively managing workers compensation claims.

Since 2006, Worksite has partnered with employers across diverse sectors and industries to:

  • manage and close out workers compensation claims
  • reduce insurance premiums and the costs of workplace injury and illness through effective management and appropriate work, health and safety initiatives
  • devise and manage return to work strategies
  • identify, address and mitigate risks.

We have achieved excellent claims outcomes on routine claims right through to those involving severe physical and psychological injuries in some of the state’s most challenging industrial environments and occupational contexts.

Importantly, when you engage Worksite you can be sure of the independence of our advice. Worksite does not have contracts or agreements with any brokers or insurers.

We work closely and effectively with return to work co-ordinators, employers, business owners, human resources managers and other business managers and executives to improve workers compensation outcomes, accelerate return to work and reduce claims costs.

Worksite supports you in workers compensation claims:

  • advice and support immediately following the initial report of an injury
  • early identification of potentially complex and
  • long term cases
  • recommendations on best practice approaches to injury management
  • devising realistic and compliant return to work schemes
  • implementation of effective action plans on individual claims
  • liaison with brokers and insurance claims staff on your behalf
  • preparing you for, or accompanying you to claims review meetings with your insurer
  • support and advice on claims management negotiations with insurers
  • negotiation of claims estimates with insurers
  • attaining workers compensation insurance premium discounts for qualifying businesses
  • coaching, training, and mentoring your team to improve workers compensation management
  • auditing your open claims to reduce estimates and durations or closing claims
  • reviewing your claims history to contain or reduce workers compensation insurance policy premiums in the future.

We also provide recommendations on policies, procedures and approaches that can prevent workplace injuries in the first place.