Factual and surveillance investigations – workers compensation claims

Worksite is one of a tiny handful of investigations firms empanelled with WorkCover New South Wales. We have also worked with NSW Department of Health and local government authorities in New South Wales.

Worksite works closely with Scheme Agents and WorkCover appointed law firms to resolve claims relating to workplace injuries, both physical and psychological.

Our work with government ensures that all our investigators are aware of government and public expectations in relation to probity, process, transparency, and accountability.

Worksite is mindful of the sensitivities involved in criminal and fraud examinations and investigations, especially those concerning alleged breaches of discipline or public sector standards by government employees and employers.

Our investigations are conducted throughout NSW and often interstate, and cover the full range of workplace settings, including:

  • industrial
  • rural
  • manufacturing
  • construction
  • retail
  • government
  • outdoor
  • corporate
  • domestic workplaces.

To learn more about our workers compensation and workplace injury investigations, please contact us.