Worksite policy is to engage only those investigators and surveillance operatives with the right skill sets and attributes to ensure we deliver a first rate investigation service.

Personal attributes our investigators and surveillance operatives possess include:

  • ethical mindedness
  • integrity and honesty
  • a thorough understanding and personal commitment to remaining abreast of legislation that affects their roles as investigators (for example the Privacy Act)
  • interpersonal styles that are courteous and firm (when necessary)
  • tenacity and patience on long surveillance jobs
  • attention to detail when conducting investigations and report writing.

Our team’s experience and expertise also means they:

  • know what counts as evidence
  • get clear and admissible visual evidence
  • can make early judgement calls to alert clients if an investigation looks like it will run over time or budget
  • use clear communication and write in plain modern business English
  • take a ‘big picture view’ of their part in claims resolution processes and the business impacts of investigations
  • have up-to-date technology skills in the use of equipment and software.

The team of senior investigators at Worksite receive a constant stream of accolades for excellence in investigations services and management.

Worksite track record of successful outcomes, particularly in high profile and complex cases, derives from careful identification of the best and most probable fruitful avenues for investigation and comprehensive recommendations during the course of the investigations with intelligent and astute strategy.