Barry Wise Director

Before co-founding of Worksite in 2006, Barry spent a decade investigating insurance and workers compensation claims. He now also provides expert claims strategy and advice to improve business outcomes for self-insured and corporate clients.

Clients appreciate Barry’s practical approach to claims management. He focuses on bringing matters to timely closure while maintaining awareness of the broader business ramifications.

Barry takes a realistic approach to investigations focusing on planning, streamlining and turnaround, and bringing matters to closure, whilst remaining aware of the broader business ramifications. He achieves excellent outcomes consistently for clients via his collaborative approach with all parties: insurers, employers, employees, lawyers, claims experts, and HR experts.

In addition to his claims consulting work, Barry has over 15 years experience in leading investigations teams, as well as personally handling complex and sensitive factual investigations for corporates, insurers and government clients.

Barry recognises where investigations fit in to the claims process and the need to balance sensitivities of all stakeholders, whilst satisfying his client’s objectives.

Early in his career Barry also worked as a human resources manager, dealing with workers compensation, occupational health and safety, rehabilitation and workplace dishonesty in the corporate sector. He brings this expertise to bear on his investigative work.

Areas of expertise

Barry has outstanding investigation experience in:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • stolen property and stolen vehicles
  • corporate cases involving fraud and unethical behaviour
  • arson
  • theft
  • public liability
  • work injuries and industrial issues and disputes
  • travel claims
  • general insurance
  • employee behaviour
  • workplace incidents.