Why choose us?

Clients depend on Worksite for:


Our investigations are always factual. We employ proven methodologies that drive to produce accurate, valid, and reliable reports.


Our investigators have built their reputations through professionalism and their ability to handle sensitive cases. Our standards demand that we are professional at all times, and maintain complete confidentiality in all our investigations.

Comprehensive support

Our investigators provide a full service on factuals, which includes:

  • interviewing witnesses
  • obtaining statements
  • conducting investigations
  • preparing reports.

Continuity of key personnel

In all cases, our nominated investigator is the sole investigator assigned to the case, responsible for interviewing witnesses, collecting statements, making investigations, capturing footage, preparing the report and making final recommendations.

Our investigators immerse themselves in their work and familiarise themselves quickly with scenarios.

On time and budget

The depth and breadth of our investigative experience means that we can thoroughly and quickly identify liability and claims that require further investigation to yield better information, in order for clients to make informed decisions.

We complete all our investigations within the prescribed timeframe and budget.

Whenever this is impossible, owing to circumstances beyond our control, we consult with our client and negotiate an appropriate extension of time and budget, prior to the deadline.

Many clients choose not to assign a budget to each investigation, demonstrating the trust they place in our investigators to deliver a service that is reliable, professional and cost-effective.

Accurate, reliable, and plain English reports

Our investigators have superior written communication skills – they convey investigation results clearly and objectively, focusing and reporting on the facts accurately and concisely.

Our written reports are easy to understand and in plain modern business English.

Results and recommendations

Often no further inquiries or investigations are necessary after receipt of the initial Worksite report. Our experience ensures we get clients the right information from the outset.

Our years of experience also allow us to quickly assess whether it is in our clients’ best interest to authorise further factual or surveillance work.

Worksite work with clients to ensure that the right evidence and information is contained in all reports for client decision making or to gather evidence for successful action.

Above all, when you engage Worksite you can be assured of receiving facts – not opinions.