Technology we use

Worksite has made significant investment in up-to-date technologies and equipment to guarantee excellent service for clients. Performance is assured with high quality kit, properly maintained, in the hands of skilled investigators.

Our technology and tools include:

  • modern computer systems and operating systems
  • laptop computers for all field personnel with wireless internet access
  • up-to-date software with broadband internet and email access for all personnel
  • security passwords to access databases
  • regular backup to external hard drive
  • up-to-date mobile telephony
  • digital enhancement software
  • cameras, night vision and lenses appropriate to a wide range of surveillance situations
  • variety of ultra-quiet surveillance vehicles fitted with GPS and two-way radio.

Our risk and catastrophe management plan for data security ensures all data is backed-up by an external hard drive and that off-site storage is maintained.

Worksite is always alert to technological advances to improve our systems and processes, and implement those of benefit to our clients.